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Hello, I'm Emily! I assist individuals in improving movement through coaching and Thai massage, enabling them to enjoy life with greater freedom and fewer limitations. My approach involves exploration and collaboration with my clients to find realistic and sustainable solutions that fit within their lives. 

Movement and health have always fascinated me. Though my definition of health has changed over the years, I’ve come to learn that health is not merely the absence of disease, but a state of being that is influenced by multiple factors in one’s life. To me, being healthy means that I have the ability to enjoy life without restriction, feel safe and supported by my community, and have the tools and skills necessary to nourish my body. 

My ongoing journey to heal chronic pain has led me to explore many different modalities of movement. I believe in fostering a culture of curiosity, learning, and openness to new ideas, so as I continue learning how to heal my own body, I share my knowledge and experience to help my clients reach their full health potential. 

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Improving health through movement

As humans, we're designed to frequently move in diverse ways. Many individuals I work with experience limitations in their movement because of pain, discomfort, or apprehension.

My goal as a movement coach is to provide a safe environment and guidance for my clients to explore movement in nourishing way. This can be anything from improving performance in sport, to learning how to optimize your workplace set-up to reduce strain.

A movement session can consist of any combination of mobility, balance, massage, breathing, strength, agility, coordination, condition, etc. I strive to adjust the intensity of the session to meet your current physical and emotional state.


Traditional Thai Massage

Thai massage is a full-body, clothed massage that includes the use of a variety of stretching, trigger-point, and movement techniques. Thai massage is performed on a large, padded floor mat, and techniques are adjusted to the client’s comfort level and movement capacity.


Tailored workshops and classes: Foot Health, Sleep, Ground-Living, Movement.

Workshops and Courses

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