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What is Movement Coaching?

To move is to be human.

The ultimate goal of movement coaching is to help you become a better "mover". Being a better mover means less pain and more energy. Movement coaching builds upon the traditional foundation of strength, power, and endurance and expands beyond to include mobility, play, balance, breath-work, and environmental engineering. 

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I offer several coaching options to suit your individual or group needs



Visit the studio in Ottawa, Canada where you can work 1-on-1 with Emily.

Coaching is personalized to your goals to help you move and feel better. This may include a combination of mobility work, strength training, injury rehabilitation, balance, and endurance training. 



I offer a number of online coaching options: 

  • 1-on-1 Virtual Training 

  • Group or Corporate Training

  • Monthly Program Design

Online Coaching allows you to move well whether it's in your home or workplace. 

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Send us a message or book a movement consultation!

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306-1300 Carling Ave
Ottawa, ON K1Z 7L2


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Workout Lesson


Most people know me as a personal trainer, but my career began as a Registered Nurse. I have worked in a variety of settings including Trauma, Integrative Cancer, and Long-Term Care. My experience as a nurse exposed me to our current reactive health-care system. It felt like I was constantly putting out fires rather than preventing them from starting in the first place. I owe it to this experience for helping me recognize my passion for preventative health care. 

While I was working at the hospital, I began to develop pain in my feet, which drove me to learn about how I could fix them. After attending a seminar through The Foot Collective, I started to implement small changes into my life that ultimately eliminated my foot pain. I left my job at the hospital to search for answers. If I could treat my own pain, I felt that I could make a difference in helping others with their chronic pain and work to help people prevent illness and injury. 

I graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and I am currently still working as a Registered Nurse at the Centre for Health Innovation in Ottawa. 

Some of my certifications include: 

  • Sports Performance Institute Level 2 Trainer 

  • Certified Foot Nerd with The Foot Collective 

  • Animal Flow Level 1 Instructor

  • The Ottawa School of Thai Massage Certificate 

  • Functional Movement Techniques Cupping Certification 

I continue to find opportunities to challenge myself and learn with an open mind. I’m excited to share my experience with my community and be a leader in preventative health. 

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