5 Foot Pain Fixes

Bunions, plantar fasciitis, Morton's neuroma, flat feet. The list goes on.

Most people don’t really think about their feet until they have a problem with their feet. Even then, we might try a slide-in insole or maybe even an orthotic, and the problem barely goes away so we just get used to living with our new reality or we change our realities to match the level of pain we experience.

Foot pain was never an issue for me until I started to work full-time as a nurse in a busy trauma unit. I was on my feet for over 12 hours a day in my highly cushioned Skechers, which were the shoes that were suggested to me when I started my job. They were apparently a nurse favourite. By the end of my shifts, I would be limping home from the sharp pain I experienced along the underside of my feet.

My co-workers suggested trying orthotics. After all, we did have insurance coverage for it.

“Do they work for you?”

“At first, but not really anymore. You’ll just need to make sure you transfer your insoles because it’s hard to walk without them.”

Nope. Not good enough for me. None of this made sense! At home, I’m typically on my feet all day, I trained clients barefoot, and I did Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu barefoot. I clocked around the same number of steps at the hospital as I did at home. So WHY? Why did my feet hurt so badly?